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Kick YouTube To The Curb

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

WistiaOver the last few months, YouTube’s monstorous flaws on how they police their videos has been exposed in the most egregious of ways.

The problem with Google/YouTube is they allow the viewers to flag content they deem inappropriate or against the Terms of Service.  The issue with that is many viewers are nothing short of moronic, or just downright unethical in their business practices.

There is no doubt we are in a Gold Rush of online business opportunities(or at least the perception is there).  With so many companies competing with each other to snatch up those newbies looking for a way to make money online, it becomes a dog eat dog world.

So what happens as a result is a member of “Company A” wants to make sure that their potential prospects don’t join companies B, C, D, etc.  They then embark on the despicable process of searching for videos that use those company’s names.  When they see the video is done by a person in that company, regardless of whether the video is valuable to the marketplace or not, they flag it for being inappropriate.

Google, not knowing any better, just assumes the scoundrel that flagged the video did it for the right reasons.  Then a “strike” is levied against the person’s account, limiting their flexiblity on what they can do with their video marketing.

As anyone in online business knows, nothing is more powerful than video marketing.  So to limit what their competitors can do via that method of marketing makes their lives easier.

Isn’t that disgusting?  For those of us that conduct ourselves and our business the right way can only hope karma catches up to them in a big way down the road.

If this wasn’t already bad enough, there are people that actually offer flagging services to these slimy marketers and get paid to just troll the internet and get valuable videos shut down.  It really has gotten out of control.

In one day last month, I had videos from over a year ago flagged out of nowhere that were not a violation of terms of service in any way.

My friend and colleague, Ray, had his ENTIRE ACCOUNT shut down with over 1,000 videos and 10 million views.  That was a huge part of his lifeblood gone in a second because of these gaggles of idiots trying to keep good marketers down.

YouTube has set themselves up for this and naturally there is no support or live person to talk to in order to fix these issues.  Their appeals process is a relative joke, and by and large they are tyrants of the internet.

While they have provided a valuable and free platform in YouTube that we all use for entertainment and marketing purposes, it is simply too much of a risk to bank on your videos staying up there when there is scum worldwide making sure your voice and value to others is silenced.

What is the solution?

I know many people have likely heard of this service, but I learned of it by accident.

It’s called Wistia, and they are AMAZING.  Below I briefly show you all the cool features provided in this incredible video hosting platform.

Depending on your marketing needs you could get by with just a free account, but if you are a serious marketer the $25 per month pay plan is a steal for all the features they provide.

Call me crazy, but video marketing can be a chore sometimes.  When I saw all the things Wistia does it made me want to shoot 20 videos on the spot!  It is truly that powerful.

They have no affiliate program as of now, so I don’t make a dime for you visiting their site.  I just want to provide value to the marketplace and let you know that there is a way around the problem that is using YouTube for business.

Try Wistia out.  They open up all the features to you for 15 days after opening your free account.  You will be blown away.  It took me 5 minutes to realize the power in paying for this service.

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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